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What a stinker the Skyline film is | Bazmech.net

What a stinker the Skyline film is

Well although the title just about explains it all I must just stress that you should not pay money to see this film and even if you can see it for free you are better off continually jabbing your arm with your finger for an hour and half as you will feel more satisfied at the end.

Like many others I saw the trailers for this film and thought WOW I gotta go see this as finally something decent to go watch at the cinema and like for many others the reality is hard to endure.

Basic storyline is that robot aliens come to Los Angeles kill a load of people and transform the rest into more robots by ripping out the brains/spines and putting them into robot carcases. One other thing that plays a big part is that all the robots are self repairing from the mighty mother-ships in the air to the little drones that forage around the apartment block. When a limb is chopped off they simply get near it and the limb reattaches. Every small victory for the humans is soon turned and the dull story line is resumed.

Now there was one point when I thought the film was going to get interesting and this happens when the main characters, sorry forgot his name, has being affected by the robots and nearly taken over a couple of times but then when he gets angry he starts to change and gets super strength. I thought here we go but then he just got slapped down by a weak-ass self-repairing robot.

Production and editing was not that good either as you would go from a torrent of symphonic sound on an action scene to a quiet subdued scene where they are all hiding.  Now I am not saying that this sort of scene transition should not be done but its like telling a joke at a party with the stero on full blast and shouting out the punchline ‘small cock’ just as the music stops.

Bish, bash, bosh. What a load of tosh.

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